Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic Blu Matter Project has temporarily ceased all in studio and in person programs. We are happy to now be offering talks and classes through zoom; you can sign up for them here. In addition, we are making these classes and talks available through YouTube for you to access at your leisure.

We are currently working hard behind the scenes on creating prescriptive movement, breath and meditation classes that will be available to you right here on our site and an exciting new podcast with curated, relevant, and, thought provoking topics. We look forward to the moment we can connect with you all in person, until then we will see you on zoom! Stay safe and healthy!

Mindfulness For Mental Health

Did you know that every year, one in five Canadians suffers from a mental health or addiction issue? We’re here to help. We offer no-cost six-month yoga passes to qualifying participants for participating local studios in order to spread the benefits of yoga to those who need them the most.

We are offering our program across Canada beginning in 2020.

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Blu Matter Project’s programming is based on the latest mental health research and includes no-cost six-month passes so participants can attend yoga classes at a local studio.

Measurable Change

Research shows that a regular yoga practice for people living with mood disorders may significantly reduce anxiety, stabilize mental activity, enhance brain functioning, and improve sleep quality and resiliency to stress.

A Place to Belong

Attending a yoga studio consistently can provide a sense of structure, and as you get familiar with the teachers and the space, it can become a safe place to experience change.

The Support You Need

Studios and teachers are trained by Blu Matter Project to create a welcoming space; we offer online resources and local referrals to ensure you can source the help you need to manage your mental health in conjunction with your existing treatment plan.

Who We Serve

We train teachers to hold safe space for Blu Matter participants and support the community.
We offer training, administrative support, taxable benefits, and the chance to expand the services studios offer to the local community.
We offer participants the chance to attend classes at a local yoga studio to discover the benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice.

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